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Support Health

As healthcare institutions in the US focus on improving the quality and convenience of patient care, the need for making healthcare information available and enabling seamless flow of information assumes great significance in a clearly information rich sector.

While there is no denying the benefits of a fully functional EHR, there have been some challenges hampering its adoption such as Complex work flows that vary from hospital to hospital, implementation difficulties due to the presence of many legacy systems, non-tech savvy workforce etc.

SupportHealth is an android mobile application helps address the needs of cancer patients, physicians, sponsors, other health care providers and insurers. The application integrates with hospital EMR and facilitates easy exchange of patient related health information.

SupportHealth has been architected to allow hospitals to quickly go from a paper based system to an Electronic Health Record System with little effort and on multiple platforms viz., Web and mobile devices. It will dramatically increase the speed of adaptability of this EMR system by end users (patients and providers) and can transform the way care is delivered.

Support Health was named one of the Top 5 applications by Health2.0 in a contest sponsored by the US Government. The mobile application is patent pending in the US

Key Features
  • Access Cancer related Information
  • Locate Hospitals, Healthcare providers
  • Secure Patient Login to check appointments, medication, record symptoms, update and share EHR
  • Interact with Doctors
  • View Diagnostic history, Allergies, vital statistics
  • Request for sponsors
  • Approve & Reject Sponsor requests
  • Locate forums, communities
  • Request for sponsors
Key SupportHealth Benefits
  • Improve patient experience/partner engagement
  • Promote effective information exchange
  • Easy Implementation
  • Faster adoption by stakeholders